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Edmodo at QPS

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

QPS continues to improve classroom experience for the students through the introduction of Edmodo in classes. The social learning platform hopes to create better communication between teachers, students and parents.

Edmodo does not only provide a Facebook-like interface for teachers to interact with the students but has a number of benefits including,

a. Direct one to one communication between a teacher and a student.

b. Integration of different learning websites such as educational sites, and study sites Quizlet, Kahoot and GoConquer.

c. Experience of different media for students to learn better with videos and rich contents documents

d. Provide support for learning through online homework and online assignments.

e. Provide online assessment through online quizzes, class activities and polls for instant feedback.

f. Student performance can be tracked by students through individual accounts.

g. Parents can monitor their child's performance, missed works, future assignments and upcoming events in the school.

Edmodo is currently being implemented in stages, starting with the computer department from grade 8 – 12. QPS will eventually have full integration from grade 1 to 12 within the school year.


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