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How secure is Bank Muscat?

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Bank Muscat Tour

This is a question posed by the grade 11 and 12 ICT students at QPS as they went for a trip to Bank Muscat on November 1, 2018. Together with their teachers, Ms Vani Puppala and Mr Ludger Lou Gorospe, the students went to see the multitudes of security measures the bank lay in response to the many sources of threats like viruses, hackers, and other electronic attacks.

The group comprises only of students who are taking ICT classes from grades 11 to 12 with the goal of knowing more about the level of securities banks employ to protect themselves from internal and external threats posing harm to their system particularly on the series of banking programs and protocols used to provide 24/7 banking support for their consumers.

The group left the school around 9:25am and reached the bank premises at 10. They were received in the reception and after some time we went to the Learning and Development Department and inside one of their presentation rooms. An open discussion with their lead ICT team followed with students participating and asking critical and relevant questions.

With most of their questions answered, the ICT team bid goodbye to the group with the message of the importance of attitude towards doing work as a determining factor that makes a successful employee of the bank should the student wish to be part of the bank’s successful operation.

A brief tour of the headquarters followed with the facility management personnel. He started describing how the headquarters are divided into colour-coded subdivisions.

Bank Muscat was gracious enough to provide the group with lunch at a local café around noon and 20 minutes later, the group ended the tour by going back to the school. The group arrived at the school around 12:45pm right before the start of the last period.

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