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KG2 Graduation 2018

Updated: Oct 7, 2018

Ready to face new Challenges!

No one can be more proud other than the Qurum Private School family of our not so little ones achievement as we celebrate KG Graduation. On May 11, 2018, we presented them in front of their parents, teacher and staff of the whole KG department.

The KG 2 graduates entertained us with their performances showcasing their achievements, ever-ready to face the brave new world of elementary life. Each performance was heart-felt and choreographed to entertain everyone. We were also graced to see a couple of number of performances by the elementary students complete with magnificent costumes.

The main part of the event was the awarding of the certificate for each graduate. Each one was called to received their award handed to them by their beloved Assistant Principal, Ms Fatima, and the Principal, MsFaiza.

The ceremony concluded with group pictorials. It was a success through the consolidated efforts of the QPS family including students, teachers, staff, admin, and the parents.

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