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Parents Teachers Meeting

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Parents of the prestigious IGCSE and AS/A level students were invited to a 2-day meeting with teachers to provide an overview of the course. September 19, 2018, was intended for the students who took AS/A levels and September 20, 2018, for the parents of those who took IGCSE.

Mr. Bradley Levack, International Exams Officer, began the program by stressing the importance of communication and cooperation between parents and teachers. He pointed out that the success of each student could only be achieved through preparation and practice.

The program continued with short presentations from select HoDs/Teachers presenting the recent updates in the curriculum and presented the ways in which it will be presented to the students.

During the meeting, parents were very active in pointing out their concerns about how to improve communication with teachers to provide much-needed support for their kids especially in relation to accessing past papers that are essential for their child's preparation. They were showing much interest in their children's success by providing any support from their side.

Mr. Bradley assured the parents that active communication will be provided in the form of group emails, Whatsup, SMS, and the link to our school website to address each concern.

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