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QPS Young Photographers Trip

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

#Photographers #QPS

Young photographers of QPS was established to serve as a training ground for students aspiring to be great photographers. The club hopes to hone each students photographic skills by providing the school concrete evidence of school activities through photography.

This year, the club started with looking for inspiration through a trip to the Oman Photography Society. The students were welcomed by the gallery manager and was given a brief overview of the why the society was established. After that, he proceeded to show the current pieces in the gallery. On display are works by female photographers of the club with different themes and printed both on vivid colors and monochrome. The art pieces were skillfully displayed in showing both function and elegance.

The gallery manager then led us to a small studio room. He then further discussed the most basic elements of the room and how certain photographs can be taken with the subjects / actors in a studio environment. Various equipment were available and each of their functions were explained.

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