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Students Learn About Finance at Bank of Muscat

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Inside Muscat Bank

What better way to learn finance than an established and a successful financial institution, and there is nothing better that Bank Muscat in their Head Quarters in Seeb last October 1, 2018. Bank Muscat was chosen because of its long standing success as the best bank in Oman for the past seven consecutive years.

This is the case with Grade 12 business students as they were given invaluable insights on how to start a business and raise the finance to do so. This includes assets and liabilities and opportunities needed to do a start-up business and a brief examination of existing successful business .

Students were presented product specif services from Bank Muscat including short term loans,overdraft facilities, hire purchase, mortgage bond and long term loans. Each of these services are very useful as it provides explanation on how interest rates work and what collateral is needed for each service. The students were also introduced to different student loan opportunities should they need finance for there studies. This is very useful as most of the students are doing further studies in various universities in Oman.

The management then took the students on a tour of different departments and how they operate on a daily basis. As they went to the tour, they also experience team building activities to encourage teamwork and creativity.

Finally, there is nothing better to end the trip than a free buffet lunch at a restaurant courtesy of Muscat Bank.

The class of Mr. Gustav Berger learned a lot on this finance trip. This is learning directly from an institution that practices financing.

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